Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Been Awhile!

I know...I's been awhile since I've written anything! It goes to show how much little time I have anymore to myself. Although...a few times I have had a chance to "sneak in" to some of my favorite reads just to get my daily fix (What can I say...I'm a blogger addict). Actually to be honest it gives me a chance to have some ME time and feel slightly normal, because it's been very rare. Lately it's been nothing but, stress...stress...and MORE stress and I'm sure I'm not alone, but sometimes it feels like I am. There are NEVER enough hours in the day to accomplish everything and it can be very overwhelming at times. When they say nursing school is a full time job, they REALLY mean it...and when they say, there is NO room for getting behind, ohh how true it is! As soon as I thought I was!! I find myself behind...again! How does this happen, when all I have is A&P 1 and Microbiology? Well...I'll tell's called reading...reading...and more reading! (Did I mention there was a lot of reading) and ALL the assignments that come along with it? and on top of it all...making sure it all makes sense. Makes me wanna just pull my hair out! But...I shouldn't complain too much because I am passing A&P1 with an far at least. As far as Micro mid-term grade hasn't been posted yet, but I'm hoping for some good news by next week. I have managed to pass the last three tests and lab work, but once again I will be studying ALL weekend for my next test on Tuesday (FUN FUN). Have I ever mentioned how much I loath Micro? or is it obvious? I've realized with all the grey hairs that have been popping up, I contribute some of it to this "lovely" subject called Micro!

On top of nursing school, there is the stress of realizing my first born, who will be turning 12 this summer has been going through the typical pre-teen phase. I didn't realize how much he is starting to change till I dropped him off his bus stop a few days ago. I looked over and he was checking himself out in the mirror. Me: "J. what are you doing?" J: "Well I gotta make sure I look good Mom." I was actually speechless, since when did he begin to care so much about "looking good" Last time I checked he was a little boy who carried his lunch box and his backpack, waving bye to me when I dropped him off school. Granted he is no longer in elementary school, but still...he's still my baby and I don't want to believe he's growing up. (Sigh...sniff...sniff...tissue please!!) just goes to show how much older I am getting and hey...I'm not liking the idea so much, so if I could ask for one would be that time would slow down just a little!

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