Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Just Not Right!

O.k. so about a week ago I received a letter in the mail from my school stating one of our classes was being changed (Summer quarter is less than a week away). One day it would be during the week from afternoon till evening and then again on Saturday!! Uh-WT@!! Yea crazy in my opinion! I mean...first our Dean of Nursing quits or is fired...don't truly know all the facts, all I know is we don't have one at the moment and one is being "temporarily" filled by the regional director. So basically us Nursing Students are in the dark and a lot of unanswered questions have yet to be answered. Anyways...back to my rant! Oh after debating if I should just keep my mouth shut and deal with it, an anonymous email is sent to me and other students who are also in the same class this summer quarter. Basically it related to how I was feeling.

First of all the letter didn't even have a date on the letter head. Yea that might not seem like a big deal, but it's just unprofessional, it's as if they had these letters made out weeks in advance, but didn't want us to know exactly when! Another concern brought up was it was mentioned how the original teacher was promoted, and so they needed to scramble to find someone to take over the class and the only days she could teach was on the days I mentioned. Do they not care to realize those of us with jobs, families, children, etc. already made arrangements weeks in advance when we confirmed our original schedule?? Now because of their short notice we are forced to have to try and rearrange our lives once more because they didn't take the time or effort to give us any consideration. In my opinion, they shouldn't have promoted anyone until they found the right person who could teach on the days we signed up for! Especially when they knew this way in should have given them plenty of time to find a replacement. Don't put our education in jeopardy and replace someone at the last minute because you failed to have your sh@t together. Unprofessional....unprofessional...unprofessional!!!! If the students are required to live up to a certain expectation....then I sure as hell require faculty to do the exact same thing! What even bothers me more, is they are sooo quick to say how they pride themselves on open communication between staff and students, yet when I sent an email expressing my concern a few days you think I've received one email or call back?? Nope...nothing! You can be sure after I read the email from another concerned student, who mentioned there were many who felt the same way as she and I did, that the only way for us to be heard is if we all stand as one and express what they have done is unacceptable. So I have made a few phone calls, even emailed someone with higher authority. It's funny, I'm still waiting for an email I sent out to a faculty member, but within a few hours I received an email back from "Mr. Authority."

So we'll see what comes of it all...he did mention many have expressed there concerns and they were going to get to the bottom of the issue and lack of communication. I've come to slowly realize there are times when my voice or opinions I don't agree with need to be heard, even if nothing comes of it. I have always been the type of person who doesn't speak up for fear of rejection or the feeling I won't make a difference. How wrong of me to think this way, I have finally figured out (sad... I know at my age) that if I don't speak up, then there is no way of knowing if I could have made a difference. Again...who knows what's going to come of all this, but I feel good knowing I voiced my concern! Watch out world...I feel empowered!!! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is It Me???

So my brain has in been in overdrive and I have these moments (more than I'd like to admit) where I think," is it me?" Am I the only one thinking or going through this? So...I figured the best way (or so I hope so) was to release these nagging thoughts and write them down. I mean...this is what blogging is all about right? So without further due.

Is it me...Am I the only one who keeps putting off the "start" date for getting back into shape?

Is it me...Or do you find yourself wishing you too could sometimes be someone else?

Is it me...Or am I the only one who is almost ALWAYS late to an appointment...even when you attempt to leave ahead of schedule?

Is it me...Or am I the only one who is unhappy in their relationship?

Is it me...Or do you absolutely have to have your morning coffee?

Is it me...Or are there others out there who think they are not smart enough to be in nursing school.

Is it me...Or am I the only one who is scared they won't be a good enough nurse after nursing school?

Is it me...Or do you find yourself struggling to make ends meet?

Is it me...Am I the only one who puts themselves way at the bottom of the list?

Is it me...Or am I the only one who snacks constantly when I'm studying late at night?

So there you have it...some of the thoughts that have been circling in my head and the moments where I ask myself..."Is it me".

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Been Awhile!

I know...I's been awhile since I've written anything! It goes to show how much little time I have anymore to myself. Although...a few times I have had a chance to "sneak in" to some of my favorite reads just to get my daily fix (What can I say...I'm a blogger addict). Actually to be honest it gives me a chance to have some ME time and feel slightly normal, because it's been very rare. Lately it's been nothing but, stress...stress...and MORE stress and I'm sure I'm not alone, but sometimes it feels like I am. There are NEVER enough hours in the day to accomplish everything and it can be very overwhelming at times. When they say nursing school is a full time job, they REALLY mean it...and when they say, there is NO room for getting behind, ohh how true it is! As soon as I thought I was!! I find myself behind...again! How does this happen, when all I have is A&P 1 and Microbiology? Well...I'll tell's called reading...reading...and more reading! (Did I mention there was a lot of reading) and ALL the assignments that come along with it? and on top of it all...making sure it all makes sense. Makes me wanna just pull my hair out! But...I shouldn't complain too much because I am passing A&P1 with an far at least. As far as Micro mid-term grade hasn't been posted yet, but I'm hoping for some good news by next week. I have managed to pass the last three tests and lab work, but once again I will be studying ALL weekend for my next test on Tuesday (FUN FUN). Have I ever mentioned how much I loath Micro? or is it obvious? I've realized with all the grey hairs that have been popping up, I contribute some of it to this "lovely" subject called Micro!

On top of nursing school, there is the stress of realizing my first born, who will be turning 12 this summer has been going through the typical pre-teen phase. I didn't realize how much he is starting to change till I dropped him off his bus stop a few days ago. I looked over and he was checking himself out in the mirror. Me: "J. what are you doing?" J: "Well I gotta make sure I look good Mom." I was actually speechless, since when did he begin to care so much about "looking good" Last time I checked he was a little boy who carried his lunch box and his backpack, waving bye to me when I dropped him off school. Granted he is no longer in elementary school, but still...he's still my baby and I don't want to believe he's growing up. (Sigh...sniff...sniff...tissue please!!) just goes to show how much older I am getting and hey...I'm not liking the idea so much, so if I could ask for one would be that time would slow down just a little!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drum Role Please...

I know it's been almost a week since my last blog, trust me I was having blogging withdrawals, but every time I tried to have a moment to myself, it was never meant to be! Don't you hate that? When you think you can plop down at the computer desk, while breathing a sigh of relief because FINALLY there is hopefully going to be no distrations, only to be sadly mistaken. Hellloooo...didn't you get the memo? Your a mommy, there is noooo such things as breaks! Hey, a girl can dream can't she? Anyways, besides is serioulsy kicking my booty.

On the upside, the last time I blogged, I was rambling about how I was nervous and unsure about taking my first microbiology exam. I am HAPPY to say...ALLLLL the studying paid off!! I PASSED!! I really...really...passed! At first I wasn't so sure I did because after everyone finished and turned it in (btw-I was last to finish..sad I know) our professor went over the questions. I was sooo sure I didn't pass, I began to feel down in the dumps, so to say. The next morning I still felt blah, even AFTER having my two cups of morning life!!!! I arrived to class, our professor handed us back our tests and when he handed me mine, he handed it back facing down!
GREAT...was he trying to tell me something? At first I was reluctent to turn it over, I just sat there staring at it, trying to prepare myself mentally to stare defeat in the face! Here goes nothing!

WHAT!!?? Is this some sort of joke? Did I read the grade right? Sure did, more than a dozen times! Do I have the right test? Yup...that's my name! WOW...I'm sooo excited...and I just can't hide it! (ok I really didn't sing that, but internally I was singing and dancing up a storm!)

This stressed out, pulled in a million different directions, sleep deprived, coffee drinking, nose in the books for hours, nursing student, mother of two, passed my first microbiology test with an 82%! turned out to be a good day after all.

That was the start of my week, but it is nowSaturday, and I am looking up at what seems like a mile high worth of reading and homework on top of all the other to do's on my list. Oh well...I better suck it up and get to work! it's going to be a loonnnggg weekend! *Sigh*

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crossing my Fingers!

Well I think I have studied as much as I could this last week! I will be taking my first big Microbiology exam in less than 24 hrs. and I'm a little nervous! O.k. that's an understatement! I'm VERY nervous! I can only soak in so much information about the structure, function, growth and development of Prokaryotes because after awhile it sounds like blah...blah..blah...blah...blah!! Besides this brain of mine is not a as young as it used to be! (Oh to be in my twenties again) I feel as if sometimes I'm in the early stages of dementia! I mean who forgets where they put a check?? NO...not a blank check, an actual check where it can be taken to the bank and exchanged for green, crisp dollar bills? Yup...that would be yours truly indeed...ME! Hey it might only be $25, but these days every bit helps. I could go on about my forgetfull ways, but I'll save myself the embarresment. Considering I will be awakened by my little guy at 0700, I better try to get some sleep. Hopefully I won't have nightmares of taking my test! :/

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Brain is Maxed Out!

So I am now beginning week 2 of my Micro and A & P 1 classes and I am still behind in my reading! I swear I don't know how much more information my brain can take. It's like shoving food into your mouth without stopping, until your soo full and green in the face it looks like you have chipmunk cheeks. Wow...did I just say that? I'm guess delirium is taking over my mind. How can one person find the time to read a total of 9 chapters in one week AND understand the concept of what your reading? Microbiology and A & P 1 is noo joke! Seriously any ideas or tips? I am in panic mode because I do NOT want to get behind. I guess I just have to learn how to prioritize my time better between school work and family life and all the responsibilities that comes with it. I believe my do to list so far is probably a few pages long! Well...maybe not that long, but boy does it feel like it! *Sigh* Well I gotta make this post short the little guy needs my attention (I see nap time in his future) and my lists of things to do begins. Then I see a long night ahead for me, which consists of my nose in the books, trying not to fall asleep!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Overwhelmed!

Well today was the end of my Spring Break and the start of a tough 11 weeks ahead! I felt calm and relaxed the whole two weeks of having school off, even if it did include chasing after my adorable little guy who is at the crawling and getting into EVERYTHING stage! So I was a little excited to start school again. I officially take back those thoughts, who in their right mind would get excited about starting Microbiology and A & P 1? Yup...that would be me, but not anymore! Let me just say, Microbiology is like being on another planet, those are called what?? You want us to look at huh?? Saccaromyces Cerevisiae?? Ummm....and what is it called in English? OHHH....yeast....well why didn't you say so? Let's just say I'm no longer on planet Earth, somehow I landed on Mars and I won't be arriving back to our planet until 11 weeks is over and I pass with at least a B! So I guess I need to get it together and find a way to make this information I'm about to learn stick in this 32 yr. old brain of mine.

As far as A & P 1 go, I've always been fascinated with our various systems and how it works, so maybe I have a chance in this class. I'm trying to be a little optomistic, even if on the inside I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I thought last quarter was bad taking 4 classes, but I realize those were a piece of cake compared to these two classes I'm about to tackle. It's day one and already I have three chapters to read and two lab assignments for Micro and four chapters to read, one lab and writing assignment in A & P 1. Let the juggling begin!