Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Just Not Right!

O.k. so about a week ago I received a letter in the mail from my school stating one of our classes was being changed (Summer quarter is less than a week away). One day it would be during the week from afternoon till evening and then again on Saturday!! Uh-WT@!! Yea crazy in my opinion! I mean...first our Dean of Nursing quits or is fired...don't truly know all the facts, all I know is we don't have one at the moment and one is being "temporarily" filled by the regional director. So basically us Nursing Students are in the dark and a lot of unanswered questions have yet to be answered. Anyways...back to my rant! Oh after debating if I should just keep my mouth shut and deal with it, an anonymous email is sent to me and other students who are also in the same class this summer quarter. Basically it related to how I was feeling.

First of all the letter didn't even have a date on the letter head. Yea that might not seem like a big deal, but it's just unprofessional, it's as if they had these letters made out weeks in advance, but didn't want us to know exactly when! Another concern brought up was it was mentioned how the original teacher was promoted, and so they needed to scramble to find someone to take over the class and the only days she could teach was on the days I mentioned. Do they not care to realize those of us with jobs, families, children, etc. already made arrangements weeks in advance when we confirmed our original schedule?? Now because of their short notice we are forced to have to try and rearrange our lives once more because they didn't take the time or effort to give us any consideration. In my opinion, they shouldn't have promoted anyone until they found the right person who could teach on the days we signed up for! Especially when they knew this way in should have given them plenty of time to find a replacement. Don't put our education in jeopardy and replace someone at the last minute because you failed to have your sh@t together. Unprofessional....unprofessional...unprofessional!!!! If the students are required to live up to a certain expectation....then I sure as hell require faculty to do the exact same thing! What even bothers me more, is they are sooo quick to say how they pride themselves on open communication between staff and students, yet when I sent an email expressing my concern a few days you think I've received one email or call back?? Nope...nothing! You can be sure after I read the email from another concerned student, who mentioned there were many who felt the same way as she and I did, that the only way for us to be heard is if we all stand as one and express what they have done is unacceptable. So I have made a few phone calls, even emailed someone with higher authority. It's funny, I'm still waiting for an email I sent out to a faculty member, but within a few hours I received an email back from "Mr. Authority."

So we'll see what comes of it all...he did mention many have expressed there concerns and they were going to get to the bottom of the issue and lack of communication. I've come to slowly realize there are times when my voice or opinions I don't agree with need to be heard, even if nothing comes of it. I have always been the type of person who doesn't speak up for fear of rejection or the feeling I won't make a difference. How wrong of me to think this way, I have finally figured out (sad... I know at my age) that if I don't speak up, then there is no way of knowing if I could have made a difference. Again...who knows what's going to come of all this, but I feel good knowing I voiced my concern! Watch out world...I feel empowered!!! :)

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