Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Overwhelmed!

Well today was the end of my Spring Break and the start of a tough 11 weeks ahead! I felt calm and relaxed the whole two weeks of having school off, even if it did include chasing after my adorable little guy who is at the crawling and getting into EVERYTHING stage! So I was a little excited to start school again. I officially take back those thoughts, who in their right mind would get excited about starting Microbiology and A & P 1? Yup...that would be me, but not anymore! Let me just say, Microbiology is like being on another planet, those are called what?? You want us to look at huh?? Saccaromyces Cerevisiae?? Ummm....and what is it called in English? OHHH....yeast....well why didn't you say so? Let's just say I'm no longer on planet Earth, somehow I landed on Mars and I won't be arriving back to our planet until 11 weeks is over and I pass with at least a B! So I guess I need to get it together and find a way to make this information I'm about to learn stick in this 32 yr. old brain of mine.

As far as A & P 1 go, I've always been fascinated with our various systems and how it works, so maybe I have a chance in this class. I'm trying to be a little optomistic, even if on the inside I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I thought last quarter was bad taking 4 classes, but I realize those were a piece of cake compared to these two classes I'm about to tackle. It's day one and already I have three chapters to read and two lab assignments for Micro and four chapters to read, one lab and writing assignment in A & P 1. Let the juggling begin!

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