Monday, March 29, 2010


So it's official! I am writing my very first blog post. I use to consider myself a pretty computer savvy kinda gal, but now I'm not so sure. I mean I just recently (4 days ago recent) browsed this blogging site for the first time. So why my interest in blogs all of a sudden you might ask? Well after a long hard bumpy road I finally received my acceptance letter in the Nursing Program at my college, over a week ago. I couldn't have been more excited! I had to read the letter over and over just to make sure I was reading it correct and not just making it up in my head. So after about the 10Th time, I felt satisfied and relieved! This would soon be short lived when I decided to pick up my sweet 11 month old. As I held him in one arm and picked up the "sacred" letter in the other to put somewhere safe, my little one had other plans for it. His curious little hand reached out, grabbed and ripped off a nice big piece. He then proceeds to look up at me with a big smile and begins to do what babies do best, tries to put it in his mouth! "Oh no you don't," I tell him. I take it from his balled up fist, gently place him in front of his toys, and try to somehow salvage this great piece of memorabilia. (OK, so maybe only I think of it as such).

My thoughts got the best of me again and I began to think this was a sign of doom and gloom. Great...I already knew nursing school wasn't going to be easy to begin with, it had been embedded in my brain over the years from various people, including my aunt, who has been a nurse for many years. Now, it was even more apparent thanks to the silly superstition I was having. Silly indeed, so I try to push these thoughts to the side, but they keep coming back. I found myself having flash forwards of being the student nurse who is trying to run out of a patients room because I am getting things thrown at me! Or I find I am soo lost, I forget everything I have learned. Panic and stress set in, so I decide to look for places on the website for some guidance or wisdom to bring with me to nursing school.

As I frantically typed in a Google search for some form of support groups, discussion boards or websites for the brand new nursing student, I only become more stressed! Geez...all I read about was more gloom and doom from nursing students expressing their anxieties and work load of school and clinicals. Are you kidding me? Well this turned out to be no help! I decided to browse one more Google page and came across: Confessions of registered nurse (confessions of a student nurse). Could this be what I have finally been looking for? I would soon find out! Click.

O...M...GOODNESS! I couldn't believe what I had found! I was staring dead on at the front page with the title: "Advice for Nursing Students" I took no time in reading ALL 9 tips! Let me tell you...It was music to my ears! I took a deep sigh of relief. Suddenly I didn't feel so stressed or alone. It was going to be o.k. and it was all thanks to my new found discovery of blogging, especially,
Confessions of registered nurse (confessions of a student nurse) blog. Love it! (Thanks to the author, Katie) This gave me an idea...I should try my hand at blogging!

So here I am! I figure since I'm about to start nursing school, what better way to express my rants and raves, than by writing about it too. I look forward to being able to one day look back at how far I've come and be able to hopefully laugh at myself! Plus, if just one person stumbles across my blog and can find something they were looking for to help them along their own journey, then this blog will have been worth it!

Along with my experiences through nursing school, there are other facets that make me, me! Mommy Hood being a big one! So I wouldn't be surprised to see little stories sprinkled here and there about life according to ME! So whatever your drink choice is, grab a cup and meet me here, you never know what you'll come across.

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  1. Love it!!! Congrats on being accepted first and foremost!!! Congrats on being a mommy and superwoman, ROAR!!!! I haven't been accepted and am just starting out, praying the whole way through. Need support, I think we all need the support, between school, work, husbands, kids. etc... It would be nice just to have someone to talk to in blog world that can relate!